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You may not have heard or known much about the PetaBox if you are not using much internet for your work or research but for entertainment. Let us learn then what is PetaBox. It is defined as a unit designed specifically for storage and it was made by Capricorn Technologies. It was designed by a group of staff from the Internet Archive together with C. R. Saikley. It is not just to store data but to process it also. This data are composed of one petabyte.

Breaking it down into gigabytes it takes one million of it to form one petabyte. It has the advantage of not requiring air conditioning as it can use the extra heat so the building could be heated. It has other advantages that is the reason why it is in use and was designed it that way by those who made it. That is why they are easier to be scaled. The design of it is lesser in the costs and also the storage costs.

Another feature of PetaBox is that the container provided for shipping is very nice and a good one to hold and carry. In terms of maintenance, it is easier. It has high density also and low use of the power or the one required. There have been older versions that have been released by the same companies and the PetaBox is the fourth in the line that was made and developed. There are more of it that you can read if you want to know more.