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Media Collection

As part of its mission to store records that are for the use of the public as allowed by the specific rights. Users could be able to archive those records of data and the Internet Archive will do the storage that is made available by those who will use it. The one who uploads the digital contents are the ones who are responsible if the content they are uploading is in the public domain. They are then stored in a set category for proper storage and retrieval.

There is the audio category which collects data that includes audio books, music, old radio shows, music, news broadcasts and other types of audio files. There are archived or stored 200, 000 number of files by the Internet Archive organization. There is also the Live Music Archive that is used to store recordings of concerts that are made by mostly independent artists. There are also those established artists who allow that their work is included in the project. their performances or number of songs are recorded and stored.

Another project is Great 78 Project which aims at the digitization of the singles in the rpm category. The number of the songs that they aim to digitize is the ones that are produced from the year of 1880 to 1960. The record is composed of songs donated by different collectors and also institutions who have copies of songs. They have more of the activities that are aimed at recording and storage of files in the form of digitalization.